Tokyo Revengers

New PV for Bloody Halloween Arc

By Epic Dope Staff | June 20, 2021

If you think the conflict with Moebius was good, wait till you see the war with Valhalla. With this next arc, Tokyo Revengers is about to get even better.

The official website for Tokyo Revengers anime has released a new PV for the upcoming Bloody Halloween arc.

The PV begins with the Tokyo Manji Gang riding their bikes before cutting to Kazutora who is crying, probably over someone’s death.

The anime is set to get a new ending theme, “Tokyo Wonder” by Nakimushi, for the upcoming arc.

The visual features portraits of both the Tokyo Manji gang members and the Valhalla gang in a cross-grid pattern.

While messed-up timelines are always fun, the next arc is going to be complicated yet exhilarating