Released Trailer and Visuals

Yuri is My Job

By Epic Dope Staff | May 21, 2022

The story of Yuri is My Job! starts with the cutest high school girl Hime, who everyone considers an angel.

In the brand-new trailer, you can see Hime acting her heart out in the private school-themed cafe.

The video introduces Hime along with Mitsuki, a senior at work who carries an air of elegance.

The first visual shows them in character for their customers, where they both treat each other as loving sisters.

In the very next illustration, we can see Mitsuki’s frowning face and Hime, who is scared out of her wits.

Hime, the poor girl, will also develop a crush on the most unlikely person in the whole anime, and watch her dream of marrying a billionaire go down the drain.