Celebrates 10th Anniversary With New Film


By Epic Dope Staff | September 11, 2022

Psycho-Pass is a show that has always been shrouded in mystery as it is an original anime without a manga or novel to adapt it from.

After two years, in 2022, the series announced a new film, Psycho-Pass: Providence, as part of its 10th Anniversary project.

The video teases all the characters we’ve come to love in these ten years.

First, we get a glimpse of the main characters of the original 2012 series that, consists of Akane, Shinya, and more.

Lastly, it concludes by teasing the 10th-anniversary project in October 2022, with the upcoming film as a part. The franchise has also shared a teaser visual for it.

The film is supposed to be based around ‘gratitude’ for fans as it’s the theme for the anniversary project too.