Visual Prison

Reveals Additional Staff & Key Visual

By Epic Dope Staff | June 14, 2021

Anime is one of the most diverse forms of entertainment ever. It has everything, even unpopular genres like visual kei.

The upcoming anime revealed a new visual portrays the different characters belonging to the different visual kei bands in the anime.

It includes the 3 major bands around which the plot is based. They are: O ★ Z (Oz), LOS † EDEN (Lost Eden), and ECLIPSE (Eclipse)

Character and costume designs of the bands Oz, Lost Eden, and Eclipse have also been revealed.

The characters' design in their casual look and stage look look simply amazing.

The characters look so pleasing, and the work done on costumes, and their look is just *chef's kiss*.

I am looking forward to this anime to know more about visual kei and also for the aesthetics.