Unveils PV Previewing Theme Songs

Eien no 831

By Epic Dope Staff | January 23, 2022

Time is a power that no one can fight against, but what if you could stop this formidable force? WOWOW’s upcoming anime film Eien no 831 gives you a glimpse of such a possibility.

Eien no 831 (The Eternal 831) anime film has revealed a new promotional video for its January 30, 2022 premiere on the WOWOW.

The video also previews the anime’s opening theme, ‘Kingyo Bachi’ by KanoeRana, and the theme song ‘Hitohira no Mirai’ by musical duo angela.

The video picks up pace as it introduces more characters like Suzushiro’s coworkers and Nazuna’s brother, who abuses her powers for his own needs.

Eien no 831 is a movie that I can’t wait to watch. The visuals and plot seem exciting enough to grab anyone’s curiosity.

Besides giving us a thrilling tale, the story talks about what it’s like when young people are given powers that can change the world’s fate.