De-Petrifying Wasn’t a Coincidence for Senku

Dr. Stone

By Epic Dope Staff | February 17, 2022

Chapter 229 explained Why-man’s reason for petrifying humankind. It’s pretty clear that Senku and Xeno waking up earlier than others was never a coincidence.

The petrification is designed so that it’s easier to undo when more brainpower is used.

So, naturally, the less intelligent individuals would be weeded out, and the genius ones would wake up.

According to Why-man, after waking up, the individuals would realize the potential of the devices and then crave eternal life.

Naturally, Senku and Xeno, who exceed the average human intelligence by far, woke up first.

Still, I think Senku will win the debate and make others see why death is necessary for the Earth to survive.