Joshiraku’s Illustrator Releases New Manga

Cells at Work

By Epic Dope Staff | October 27, 2021

After lending his artwork to series like Cells at Work: Platelets!, Joshiraku and others, Yasu is finally releasing a brand new manga.

The title is “I am “Destined” to Be With the Cold-Blooded Dragon Emperor, but I Think I’d Like to Withdraw to the Inner Palace ~I am Busy Cherishing the Young Dragon, so Please Go Ahead and Fight to Be Empress~.”

The series will be serialized in the Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine starting November 26, 2021.

A light novel by Yuzu Lemon inspired the manga adaptation by Yasu. It has the same title as that of the manga.

Its plot involves fairy tale kings and princesses but with an unexpected twist. The princess never falls in love with the haughty king who she is fated to be with.

I think Yuzu Lemon’s plot and Yasu’s artwork will make a killer combo, and I hope that it receives an anime adaptation soon.