Yahaba and Susamaru Join the Game

Demon Slayer

By Epic Dope Staff | November 24, 2021

After winning over anime fans, the Demon Slayer franchise is currently targeting game otakus.

Denom Slayer - The Hinokami Chronicles will be adding Yahaba and Susamaru as new playable characters.

The PV shows Yahaba slamming down Tanjiro after his kimono got dirty. I have to say, the attention to detail is what makes this game popular.

Susamaru’s ability, Hiasobi Temari, has been used in the game as her special power. With a stunning character design, I bet many players will want to use her character.

With tons of playable characters and unique quirks, The Hinokami Chronicles has solidified its position in the hearts of both anime and game otakus.

All that’s left is to guess the next set of characters who will join the chaos in the third update.