Trailer Previews a Heartwarming Song

Sumikko Gurashi

By Epic Dope Staff | October 15, 2021

Sumikko Gurashi is an anime that resonates with introverts who feel comfortable in a corner.

Eiga Sumikko Gurashi: Aoi Tsukiyo no Mahō no Ko, the second film of the Sumikko Gurashi franchise, will be released in Japan on November 5, 2021.

BUMP OF CHICKEN performed the theme song of the film, “Small World.” The song is also previewed in the trailer.

It gives us a glimpse into the magical world of the Sumikko. The way they all just squish together in the corner of a room or a couch is very adorable.

In the film, the characters will go on a camping trip where they will encounter a rare blue moon. Everything that happens afterward is even more magical than the series itself.

I just hope that Funimation or Crunchyroll get a hold of this so that I can sit in the corner of my room and enjoy an anime that suits my nature.