Posts a Chaotic PV for the Remake

Urusei Yatsura

By Epic Dope Staff | May 22, 2022

Misunderstandings always lead to the worst situations ever, and the one in Urusei Yatsura leads to a marriage proposal.

For recap, an alien race called ‘Oni’ invades Earth but gives a chance to fight back in a game of tag in which the human player must touch the Oni’s horns to win.

A computer program selects Ataru Moroboshi as the human player and Lum as the Oni player.

The franchise also gave us a key visual featuring Ataru standing while Lum levitates as they make eye contact.

The teaser shows us the scene where Ataru is selected as the player and the consequences that follow.

This modern-day remake seems to have a refreshing vibe that would please both veteran fans and newbies.