Franchise’s Earning Record in 10 Days

One Piece Red

By Epic Dope Staff | September 15, 2022

One Piece Film Red is easily one of the most anticipated movies this year, and its sales speaks volumes about how much fans like it.

As of now, One Piece Film Red stands at a whopping $52 million after running for ten days at Japanese theaters.

The latest movie focused on Shanks’ daughter Uta, and this unexpected storyline drew in a lot of audience.

Even Shanks, who is one of the rarest people ever to show his face in the series, is featured.

Crunchyroll will premiere the film in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand this fall, and I bet you can barely hold your excitement.

We are yet to know how the movie performs overseas but be prepared to see tickets fly by in an instant in every venue.