Inspires Teases Anime Project

God’s Game We Play

By Epic Dope Staff | January 23, 2022

What do you think Gods do when they are utterly bored? They make up a game to play with humans, of course.

They revealed a new PV for God’s Game We Play. The video teases an upcoming anime project for the light novel, but the specific format hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The teaser shows all the different characters involved in the series. Fey is the rookie Reche chooses for her goal after seeing his potential.

God’s Game We Play is one of those underrated light novels that did not receive the spotlight untill it inspired a manga.

Fey isn’t an overpowered MC which will keep the series interesting. The rules of the game are also not specified upfront, and players learn them as they keep playing.

With unique gameplay and mysterious characters, the anime is sure to be a hit.