Goodbye, Don Glees! and Macross Frontier

Reveal US Screening

By Epic Dope Staff | May 22, 2022

Due to the recent worldwide popularity of anime, they have started coming to the global screen earlier, and some are even getting re-released for special events.

The newest addition to this is Goodbye, Don Glees! and Macross Frontier anime films.

GKIDS will release the anime film in North America with English subtitles and an English-dub version this year.

Coming to Macross Frontier, Fathom Events has announced that it will be running the Macross Frontier films in the US with English subtitles in June.

I love how two of the Macross franchise’s finest films are getting re-released with English subtitles so that more people can watch them.

The same goes for Goodbye, Don Glees! If it’s going to the Annecy, it must be really captivating.