PV Teases 7 Vs. 1 Gameplay & Beta Testing

Dragon Ball: The Breakers

By Epic Dope Staff | November 30, 2021

With Dragon Ball: The Breakers, Bandai Namco is exhibiting its experimental spirit.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers game will be available for beta testing from December 3-4, 2021. Registrations are open for PC users to sign up for the testing.

The upcoming game will be released in 2022, with no specific date confirmed yet. A new trailer has been revealed and it teases Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

Since it is a unique multiplayer game, fans are bound to have many questions about it. The trailer very helpfully explains the gameplay of The Breakers.

The twist here is that the survivors may be Dragon Ball characters, but they have no superpowers.

Will this be a new milestone for anime games? Only time will tell if this format is good enough to attract worldwide otakus.