Dragon Ball Super 72: Spoilers

UI & Super Saiyan God Combo!

By Epic Dope Staff | May 24, 2021

Chapter 72 of Dragon Ball Super manga marked the beginning of the three-way fight to claim the title of "Universe 7’s Strongest Warrior."

Now that Goku has learned to activate Ultra Instinct in his base form, he further explores the technique by combining it with other Super Saiyan forms.

He directly jumps to Super Saiyan God form, which exceeds the strength of a normal Super Saiyan but draws less stamina than that of SS Blue.

Even Vegeta was surprised at how sharp Goku's reflexes had become. But, there's a very slim chance of Goku defeating Granolah alone.

Like what happened in the fight against Jiren, Vegeta will most likely step in sooner or later.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see the two legendary Saiyans fight side by side once again.