Teases A Magical Red Forest

The Tunnel to Summer

By Epic Dope Staff | September 12, 2022

Otakus love the concept of time travel and youth tangled in with romance, and ‘The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbye’ serves you precisely that.

By otherworldly, I mean a magical forest full of red maple trees, as shown in the latest trailer for ‘The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbye.’

From the looks of it, the film’s mysterious tunnel leads to a forest of maple trees with pictures hanging on their trunks.

Since the tunnel fulfills the heart’s desire, Kaoru finds himself missing the sister he lost in an accident, but it looks like Anzu has other plans.

The movie takes it up a notch when it comes to emotions. Anzu getting bullied and her obsession with the Urashima Tunnel makes Kaoru uneasy.

Anzu’s obsession leads to a rift between the pair as her behavior can easily disregard Kaoru’s emotional scars from his sister’s death and a rocky relationship with his father.