Anime Adaptation & Part 2 of Manga

Chainsaw Man

By Epic Dope Staff | December 20, 2021

Chainsaw Man is finally ready to bring the pain festival to the screens in 2022.

The anime will be released in 2022. A new trailer gives us specially selected shots of the manga that summarize all the series’ heart-wrenching moments.

The PV does not show the animated version of the series, but the small glimpses of the manga were enough to reignite painful memories.

After being ruthless with all the characters, Fujimoto-sensei has finally realized that its time to give them a better time.

It will definitely be fun to see Power going to school. Imagine the chaos she and Denji will cause in the classroom.

Chainsaw Man will face some tough competition in 2022 as major anime like Attack on Titan and Bleach will be released, but I believe it can easily snatch the top spot.