Trailer Introduces Club Members

Blue Thermal

By Epic Dope Staff | March 7, 2022

Blue Thermal is nothing short of a thrilling experience to showcase the adventures of life and the sport.

The trailer introduces the Blue Thermal Glider Club members and also gives us amazing glimpses of the views one enjoys while gliding.

Tsuru approaches Jun about withdrawing her application to join the club because she wants to have a “regular college life consisting of socializing and romance.

Tamaki Tsuru is the protagonist of the series and an important member of the Aonagi’s glider club.

Jun Kuramochi is the captain of the glider club and an absolute genius when it comes to gliders.

Daisuke Sorachi is a second-year student who is part of the glider club and is quite clumsy when it comes to expressing his feelings.

Chizuru Yano is a fourth-year student and a member of Aonagi’s glider club. She is someone who has dedicated her four years to flying.

Yukari Muroi is a first-year student who is part of the glider club. She loves to wear a pink jumpsuit.

Ayako Maki is a hard-working first-year student who has a serious passion for gliders.

Eita Narihara is a first-year who joins the glider club. She loves her camera and takes it wherever she goes.

The anime somehow reminds me of Ace of Diamond with its similar animation. I’m intrigued to know what kind of obstacles come along Tamaki’s way and how she will tackle them.