Attack on Titan Episode 75: Explained

Marley’s Surprise Attack on Paradis

By Epic Dope Staff | March 29, 2021

Attack on Titan’s Season 4 Episode 16 is the last episode of the current cour, & Episode 17 of the anime will premiere in Winter 2022.

We don't see Levi after the thunder spear's attack, but Zeke is saved by a pure titan, by getting placed inside its stomach.

Yelena finally comes clean with the euthanization plan of Zeke. However, she only does so when it is confirmed that all Paradisian officers will listen.

A peculiar move of the Jaegerists has been noticed. They have divided the Paradis officials into three distinct groups with the help of colored bands.

This practice seems very familiar as it is precisely what Marley does to separate Eldians from Marleyans.

Eren finally meets Gabi face-to-face, and calls her the “kid who killed Sasha.” Mentioning Sasha so casually as if Eren hasn’t registered her death.

With Piek, Eren is slowly playing into more and more dangerous waters. His eyes don’t show feelings anymore, not even fear.

Piek leads Eren to the rooftop under the pretext that she will point out her allies. However, as soon as they reach the rooftop, the Jaw Titan bursts out.

Eren instantly transforms into the Attack Titan to face the Marleyan troops who are entering by airborne battleships.

An epic Armoured Titan Vs. Attack/Founding Titan battle awaits us in the 17th episode of the final season. What happened to Zeke?